Africanqueen colourblending

Let us get into the framework of dressing up for occasions as an African woman. What are the first thing that comes to mind when you have to be part of a great event or occasion and you have to dress for it?

Colours plays a great role in the African culture. For various reasons – a continent with so much sunshine accounts for a variety of colours – imagine having summer all year round. With the sun comes various agricultural beauty. Flowers, plants, vegetables, trees, animals, rocks, natural stones from deep earth, sea and sea creatures etc etc.

When these colours are put together they create amazing infusion of beautiful colours.

When fashion is put together with these colours, what they create is bold, colourful and beautiful designs.  This can be expressed in fashion, food, culture, traditions etc.

Beauty comes in colour and Africanqu3een will be putting all these into action.

Contact us if you are curious about understanding more of African beauty.

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Joy Phido is of African descent and is an extremely proud African who only see beauty in Africa. Born and bred in Africa for 28 years, she has since then lived out of Africa and continuously visits home – Nigeria to bring only the best to the rest of the world.

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