Iro and Buba

Africa has 54 Countries and each of these countries have their own unique way of dressing up. There are designs traditionally known to each of these countries.

Nigeria comes first to mind as the most populated country in Africa. With over 183.5 million as at 2015, this country stands out to offer so much in the industry of fashion and beauty. Satisfying the fashionable needs of the youth, men, women and children requires a lot of ideas that stands out to give the glitz and glamour of fashion.

However, nothing compares to meeting the traditional fashionable needs of the local people. We start with one of the most popular outfits in the traditional fashion – the Iro and Buba. Popular with the Yorubas – an ethnic community in Nigeria is the Iro and Buba.

These outfits come in various colours and can be combined in any form that pleases the wearer. The fabrics used are also varied. Another article will be focused on picking out the various fabrics and why they are chosen.

Iro and buba is one of my personal favourites with the Nigerian traditional fashion and I wear them at every opportunity. Remember to make this outfit as glamorous as you would want it, there are varied series of accessories. This will be reviewed in another article. For now let us admire our Iro and Buba and there are various videos on youtube showcasing how to wear this outfit.

For advise on how to find this traditional outfit, feel free to contact us:

Tel: +44 1702 339 858

Joy Phido is from African descent and her mission is to show case the beauty of Africa with the world.

Author: worldofbraiding

I run World's first Professional Natural Hair Academy and Natural Hair & Extensions Beauty Centre in the UK. World of Braiding is the only Natural Hair Academy with HABIA certification. Offering hair for natural girls who love glamour and skills to create self employment.

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